OWEGO, NY, June 10, 1999 -- Lockheed Martin Postal Systems will be providing increased letter mail address recognition capability for 255 U.S. Postal Service (USPS) automated mail processing Remote Computer Reader (RCR) systems. The contract, called RCR2000, has a potential value of $153.8 million

Lockheed Martin will increase the RCR system's recognition capability to approximately 63 percent for handwritten letter mail by the end of 1999 and to 70 to 75 percent by the end of 2000. RCR handwritten recognition rates have improved dramatically, from two percent in 1997 to the current 53 percent, resulting in significant operational efficiencies for the USPS. The RCR2000 program also will increase the USPS' recognition capability for machine printed addresses at least five to seven percent by the end of 1999. This contract includes incentives for handwritten "read" rates above 75 percent and decreased error rates.

In praising the efforts of private industry and the academic community for helping drive breakthroughs in mail processing technology, USPS Engineering Vice President William J. Dowling said, "This has been a true partnership to take advantage of emerging computer and character recognition capabilities." Dowling singled out Lockheed Martin and its suppliers, the State University of New York at Buffalo Center of Excellence in Document Analysis and Research, and the Parascript, LLP, for their work in improving RCR performance.

The RCR2000 program will enhance the USPS' recognition capability through a series of software algorithm and hardware upgrades. Lockheed Martin will initiate deployment of the RCR2000 program in August 1999.

The USPS, the most highly automated postal system in the world, with more than 12,000 pieces of mail processing equipment and nearly 40,000 post offices, has been able to use technology initiatives such as the RCR2000 program to constantly improve service, while maintaining the lowest postage rates in the industrialized world.

Lockheed Martin Postal Systems is a leader in the design, production and systems integration of a broad product portfolio of recognition, sortation, material handling and information management systems equipment and technology for postal and commercial customers. It is part of the Lockheed Martin Electronics Platform Integration organization, which provides advanced-technology products, services and systems integration solutions. The organization is an operating unit of the Lockheed Martin Electronics Sector, which designs, develops and produces advanced components and systems for military, civil government and commercial customers around the world.

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